Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Waving at You as We Part at Light Speed Will Look Like I’m Standing Still."

I'm not feeling 100% today so I'm taking it easy and not going on any voyages. I'm just drinking miso and green tea, and I filled the tiny bath all the way up so I could submerge to my chin, and stayed there until I pruned. Japanese television, despite all its glory, is torture when you're already queazy because at any one time half the channels show food being eaten or prepared. It's akin to talking about waterfalls in front of someone who needs to use the bathroom.

I think once I start getting paid one of the first things I will treat myself to is another futon, and double-layer them the way E-san recommended. This one is alright when I'm lying on my back, but if I turn on my side I get tender spots. It's only about 2" thick - yeah, I've been spoiled by my mattress at home.

I found bananas! Though they're a bit smaller than ours. A bunch of four costs 198 yen so about 50 cents each - is that comparable to what they are over there? They're not my favorite fruit but if it's that or three dollars per apple...

I got a little cupcake-sized container of peanut butter so as to have on toasts the occasional morning. Japanese PB is odd - it has a very silky texture, and it's sort of translucent, like peanut-flavored jam. It reminds me of something that would come inside chocolate candies.

I haven't had any drinks with objects in them, though I know bubble tea places in the U district would have all sorts of optional added things of shapes and sizes, and not just the typical "bubble."

The company says they will reimburse me if I buy a bike!


Beeniac said...

Hi Em,
I think that's a comparable price for bananas. Apples can be 50 cents for a small one, up to over a dollar each for a large one. Get another futon - you'll be getting your tax refund soon.
PS I made Hazel Grove look more realistic.
PSS Somehow, I lost iChat. I have to go take a Mac class.

woody said...

I see apples in local supermarkets like Top for 1.39 a pound sometimes, at the farmers market in olympia the cheapest recently the cheapest was 1.69/lb. wood