Friday, April 22, 2011

“Making a Connection” – Domoto Tsuyoshi

The lovely thing about having a favorite artist with a birthday less than two weeks before your own, is that when he releases a new single on his special day it’s like it’s really a present especially for you.

Lovely images from his hometown, Nara, as expected of the honorary cultural ambassador.

Also, check out the hypnotic revamp of his website, and click on profile for another view of this strange little world.

This flower blossoms red,
In Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter,
Lighting up love with a brief flash.

Like a spider's thread,
Frail and strong,
Anyone and everyone,
From the first cry to now.

We are coloring in this country.
Making a connection, we are living.

Of twelve colors, I am one.
Blossoming in every season,
Making a connection.
Follow this path, the white sky.

The essentials - the eye, the skin, the heart -
Each is prepared.
Drawn towards
The sun and the moon,
Past, present, and future seem wonderful.

In this ancient country - the wind, the poem, the rain -
We come to hear them, making a connection.

Only once, I am one color,
Blossoming in every season,
Making a connection,
Follow this path, grateful.

A drop of water
Travels to the sea,
Builds to a crescendo in the heavens,
Falls to the earth,
As a sphere, as a spiral,
Returns to the body in a dance,
The expression of love.

The town flooded with tears
Won't be washed away now.
I want to live with my gaze fixed on love.

I want to give -
I want to grant -

The country of beautiful seasons.

lyrics english translation kinki kids eni wo yuite 縁を結いて 堂本剛 英語 翻訳 歌詞


Darcy said...

My best kind of day. When I wake up and there's a new post on Emily's blog.
Beautiful song and photos. Is the translation of this song?

tsuyoi_hikari said...

I absolutely love the phrase in the song:
"In this ancient country - the wind, the poem, the rain -
We come to hear them, making a connection."

-- He describes all of the 3 making lovely sounds and how they make connection because of their nature.

This is the 2nd translation that I read for this song, thank you~ I always love Tsuyo for his wonderful yet poetic lyrics. :D

Anonymous said...

The lyric is beautiful! Thank u for the translation!

Dan Bloom said...

I love this song and heard it first a week ago on MTV in Taiwan and did not know the singer or the song. Now i got the lyrics in Japanese and English thanks to you, and i heard it is a love song to nature. The song i i heard on MTV was very very slow version, even slower than this one, just him on the stage with piano in background, where can i find that video version, it is the BEST so far, very very slow, almost tragically slow.....DO you know it? email me at danbloom AT gmail - i lived Japan 5 years 1990s. now Taiwan, from boston, writer