Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sakura no Shiori, AKB48 (english translation)

桜の栞-AKB48 As much as I mock AKB48, I do like this song.

The soft breezes of spring
Blow from somewhere,
Changing the colors
Of this path we often traveled.
This is the season
When both joy and sorrow pass by,
As we begin to walk
On a new road.

The cherry blossom
Is the bookmark of our farewell.
Our friends’ faces as they wave
Rise in our minds.
The cherry blossom
Is a bookmark of tears,
So that we never forget
This important moment.

If we look up at the sky,
Its greatness,
Reaching into infinity,
We realize the length of our road.
Whether it’s fair weather or rain,
Tomorrow will come,
So with a smile,
We take the first step forward.

The cherry blossom
Is a bookmark of our future,
So that we remember
That dream we once saw.
The cherry blossom
Is a bookmark of hope.
Rather than just giving up,
We can open to this page and see it.

The cherry blossom
Is a bookmark of our heart.
Our shining youth,
The radiance of sunlight through trees.
The cherry blossom
Is a bookmark of that day,
So that we don’t forget
When everyone’s dreams
Burst into full bloom.

桜の栞 AKB48 英語 歌詞 翻訳

3 comments: said...

First coffee/tea at grand illusion
then walk to cherry blossom
then singing hymns in wagner hall then more talk and then prayer.
april 1, holy fools

U.S. Common Sense said...

Thanks for the translation. This is a very "non-AKB48" song, and it is quite beautiful.

I too have fun at their expense, but at the same time I love their music/acts. Reminds me of the 80s. :)

kaye said...

Nice post.Music and translation is shown to be a fascinating area to explore, not only for specialized translators as well as for researchers in translation studies, cultural studies, media studies and musicology.I might say that having music translated on Japanese translation or in any languages is far good to be one of the samples that beginners on translation to be practiced.