Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Without an umbrella in the rain."

Happy Valentine's Day - well, possibly the worst holiday for being single and alone in a foreign country. I am holed up in my apartment with the TV off to avoid seeing any decorations or celebrations - though tomorrow I will most likely take advantage of the inevitable left-over candy sales. In Japan, girls give chocolate both to boys they like and - of lesser quality - to coworkers today, and next month on March 15th, White Day, the men return the favor. I find it a rather unfair system - what about the girls who are too shy to make the first move (which would have been me) and then the man thinks, "She didn't do anything, she must not like me" come March.

Lately the song I find more unbearably romantic than anything is Kinki Kids - "Eien Ni." If I were to marry, the other party better be a fan too because this song will be played at our wedding. Or else.

Poorly translated:

If I recollect now, there were days

when casual words could wound.

For some reason, I wasn't able

Just to make a humble apology.

Whenever I uselessly pretended to be strong,

it always made you anxious.

That is the sort of man I am, but

I love you more than anyone else.

Eternity with you, the two of us holding hands.

Slowly, slowly is all right,

Patiently going along together.

Looking up at the sky, thousands of stars

illuminate the future.

I wonder when passion changed into love.

On the beach out of season, the two of us

Without an umbrella in the rain.

The time walking I felt,

"I want to protect this love."

Eternity with you, the two of us holding hands.

From now on, an unchanging feeling,

A journey engraved on my memory.

As though thousands of stars in my heart

Are twinkling.

Eternity with you, the two of us holding hands.

Slowly, slowly is all right

Patiently going along together.

Inside the two of us, thousands of stars

Are born twinkling.

Together with you,


Oh look, I ended up having a rather romantic day after all...


woody said...

I don't think about romance on valentines day---it's just another day to me...but i prefer to be alone then with most people, and hardly think about marriage anymore...although i brooded on it a lot when i was younger.

brother newman said...

Emily, how can I get that eternity song so I can give it to my wife love your father.