Wednesday, May 18, 2011

“You” – Kosaka Akiko (English translation)

小坂明子 あなた 歌詞 英語 翻訳

If I should build a house,
It'd be a small house.
There'd be a big window and a small door,
And a room with an old fireplace,
Red roses and white pansies,
A puppy and beside it - you, you,
I want you there.
That's my dream.
My beloved you,
Where are you now?

Spread out on a blue carpet,
A life full of fun and laughter.
A boy playing outside,
A boy and beside him - you, you
I want you there.
That is our wish.
My beloved you,
Where are you now?

Then I am knitting lace.
Beside me,
Beside me -
You, you,
I want you with me.

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