Friday, April 29, 2011

“In order to be beautiful” – Domoto Tsuyoshi

Someone tears this body to pieces again.
Located in the dead center of a dark forest,
I am heading for the lake.
I should still be on time. My heartbeat confirms it.

How long? It's as though I lost consciousness.
Beside the stillness, I am aware of sorrow flowing.
I look for the source.
Honestly, I'm weak. I'm still a tender color.

I won't let you say I'm to blame.
I can't say that you are hateful.
People are selfish,
Always are selfish,
In order to be beautiful, they are selfish.

Not everything is cold.
Not everything is warm.

That time I fell down, at once I tried pushing myself up.
I noticed a strange pain in my wrist,
An unknown internal damage.
Honestly, I'm weak. I'm still a tender color.

If I give up, I'll have to go away,
To meet the me who is once again strong.
This body trembles,
Its heart laid bare.
I'm all right, I'm still a tender color

After this, will I walk the same way?
That's right, I will walk the same way.
The flower of greed won't bloom.
The flower of greed is withering.
I'll face something wonderful and consume it.

We are connected by the power of belief.
We are connected by a noble resistance.

(It will surely come true.
I am fine. It will come true.)

Not that I'm biased or anything, but I believe if this song does not move you, you may want to get your doctor to check whether or not you have a heart.

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quietly pouring coffee
in the afternoon
how pleasant

Jack Kerouac