Friday, March 21, 2008

A flower shop without roses

We finished up our training today with a 20 minute demo lesson. It went well but I only feel a little more prepared than I was a week ago. My roommate has moved out already so I have the room to myself tonight. I'd like to hang out near the station again but I don't know if I'll have the guts to go by myself. I take the train to the town tomorrow morning, and then I can settle into my own place.

It rained all yesterday - someone from Seattle should probably feel right at home. It's rather cold today - I almost want to just sit on the toilet since it has a heated seat.

This is what my Hanko looks like when I stamp it:


It's a bit hard to read but the katakana can just be made out as ニューマン. I'm curious about that elongating ー because I've seen both my first and last name with and without in various places.

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Grouchy said...

I can't see the image of the hanko stamp. I use firefox as my server, so I'll try explorer to see if that's better. It sounds like you have some time to explore before you have to get down to business - I hope you can take a camera with you, I'd love to see some of the area.