Monday, March 31, 2008

"The fool on the hill sees the sun start to rise."

It is sunny out, but very windy and cold - I braved it only to go to the bookstore in search of a specific magazine that a friend wants (to no avail.) Even inside my apartment it's only 14 degrees. : (

The company gave us a list of the emails of people who were in training together. I don't think I'd be brave enough to contact any of them, but it's comfort to know if I start to go crazy from loneliness it's an option open to me.

There's this show on where they visit people all over Japan who think they have the fattest cat. They're all very cute and roly-poly and extremely spoiled - one had its own lacy sweater. The heaviest so far has been 11 kilograms. They also measure their waist, and one was the same as its owner's. Another was bigger than the dog the family also owned. The host tries to get them to play with toys, and of course they don't move. But just when I thought, "It's funny, but a bit sad, it can't be healthy..." they bring a vet in who advises the owners on proper diet and exercise. I like when shows are morally approvable as well as entertaining.

The hanami-viewing parties they show are also amusing. One group of ladies decided rather than braving the cherry-orchards, to sit in the city under a street-tree, on the sidewalk. I'm surprised they didn't get arrested for loitering. And one enterprising man drove a trailer - a tiny modular, really, equipped with all his office needs, a desk, shelves - into a dead end with one tree, so he could watch out his window while he worked.

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