Sunday, April 13, 2008

"I've seen ugliness / Now show me something pretty."

On another day:

And a sunset:


Beeniac said...

Hi Em,
In the two pictures that show a small road running alongside but lower than the road with cars on it - are those walkways or just smaller roads?

chikabi_13 said...

what a beautiful place...
there is japan ne?
thanx, for sharing to us...

Beeniac said...

All i can every say is subarashi
I want every thing I do and everything I say to subarashi. I want to add this word to my daughter's name, emily subarashi, darcy subarashi, raney subarashi, woody subarashi, bridget subarashi, nena subarashi, cara pin subarashi. love your father.

Emily said...

Dear Mom,
it's a little hard to explain. There's a main road that goes over the railroad tracks. There's a little road alongside it - maybe big enough for one car - that leads to some shops and a set of stairs up and over the tracks. I can walk up the stairs, or I could walk/bike along the main road. But I liked that view from the top of the stairs of the park.
Dear Dad,
I should teach you some new vocabulary ; )