Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Today I think I want to tell you this emotion."

One of the first meals I made for myself in Japan was curry, because I was so glad to see something familiar on the shelves. Of the four things I ask of food - tastiness, cheapness, easiness and healthiness - it satisfies the first three. I can recognize "curry" on the box, because it's in katakana - ka-re - but I should really learn the kanji for "hot" and "mild" because the box I grabbed most recently was like a bonfire inside my mouth.

Yesterday I had this strange feeling of - not pride, perhaps, but satisifaction - which is something for me. While buying vinegar and baking soda, of all things, because the previous occupant left the drains in a terrible state. And I thought, "I'm doing all these little household tasks by myself for the first time. I'll get my first paycheck in less than a week, and with it my rent will be paid and my utilities. I'll buy my food and I'll cook it and I'm doing everything." I'm not quite a grown-up, but I'm not as helpless as I and others think I am. And while I still owe people far too much, and won't be able to pay them back for a long time - if ever - I'm not going to let myself get further into debt to anyone.

My first experiment with the toaster oven was a simple green tea cake. Unfortunately, I neglected to take into account that a toaster oven will burn the top of anything taller than, oh, a piece of toast.

Song of the day: Sweet, gentle, slightly old-fashioned, "Ai Ai Gasa" is the third release from duo Tegomass, who are part of the group NEWS. I like to describe them collectively as the sort of boys I'd take home to meet my mother - friendly and positive, natural and relaxed, a breath of fresh air in the interesting world of Japanese music. This is the aural version of comfort food, as fits a duo whose first single was called "Miso Soup". This title means "Love Love Umbrella" - I know, sickeningly cute, right? - as it's the symbol of romance to walk together under one umbrella. We're on the brink of the dreaded "rainy season" so I want to keep some pleasant reminder when it starts to get unbearable.

Now, excuse me while I try to resurrect what I can of my dessert.


Beeniac said...

Hey Em,
Of course you can do it! Just don't think ahead so much that you fritter away the present. Do what you have to do each day. You've had goals and accomplished them in the past, so I don't see any reason why you won't continue to be successful.
Love you!

woody said...

Life is about conservation: food, energy, posessions----having few things but well made quality things and doing few things but doing them well. The more you conserve the better you'll make the world. The more you consume the more you contribute to ever expanding credit and pressure future generations to increase GDP. Save your Yen (japanese money) for what is truly worthwhile---and if you find yourself saving month over month then you will need to invest it to keep pace with inflation.

Grouchy said...

I'm not sure if this should go on the comments about the "American phrases" for the bulletin board, or today, but it for a rainy day....
take time to stop and smell the roses.
OK, I'll stop now, but new ones pop into my head daily and I think "I should post that one to Emily!". I know you have plenty, so I usually restrain myself.

mabanagirl said...

Hi=This is the second attempt to leave a post. Not sure what I did wrong - or didn't do. I will see if this works - and if so, will write again. Love, GR and GR