Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Common sense has disappeared into the wind."

The amount of money I've actually spent on food in a month is about a third of what I estimated my budget to be. So I'm going to say it's all right to expand my menu to include more fruits and vegetables, things I've been severely limiting because of their high cost. What's the best part is that the school lunches are only 4800 yen per month, about $1.60 each.

I had a sad piece of ginger that I needed to use up, so dinner last night was somen and salmon with ginger, soy sauce, mirin, edamame, and a little bit of juice squeezed from an orange I was eating.

Minus: It might not be salmon, actually, it's this mystery fish that you dig out of the ice bin with tongs for 70 yen per piece. But at least it's not white fish - which has no flavor to me. And I only buy edamame in its shell because it's cheaper and that's how I like it, so for this dish I had to pop a bunch of them out.

Dessert was frozen pears with ginger, mirin, and some sugar.

All in all it was good, but I used too much ginger because I wanted to use it up, and I wasn't sure if it would be powerful after being in the freezer.

From my bike trip:

I love those roofs.

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