Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"If you scatter the seeds now, flowers will bloom."

I want to be able to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which is only available once a year - this on December 7th. There are four levels, 4 being beginner, and a certain amount of hours suggested to be able to pass each level. Essentially at this point to achieve that in seven months I'd have to study almost an hour every day. That definitely won't happen given my schedule and personality. But then again, according to some quizzes that look at one's knowledge so far, I'm already more than a third there on the vocabulary and characters I'd need to know. Mainly it'd give me a goal and something to strive for, to accomplish something so at the end of my year in Japan I won't feel like I wasted it the way I have the previous 22. If I don't even try to take the test I'll feel rather disappointed with myself, but of course that's nothing compared to how utterly humiliated I'll be if I take and fail it.

I wish I had an oven - there's a lot of baking recipes I want to try but I don't know how to simulate with a stovetop and a microwave. Despite the famed quality of Japanese cuisine being its clarity and simplicity, I can't seem to make any of my versions of said dishes turn out. Even rice I can't get to turn out other than gooey - even though I make sure to wash it thoroughly first. I'm cooking it in a pot because I don't want to spend on a rice cooker, and I can't figure out the percentages of water/rice. Even soba, which I love, has that rough, thick quality to it. Everything I make seems to clog my throat and coat my tongue so that I don't care to eat for the rest of the day - except that I am constantly 24/7 starving! What I really want is just to eat fruit non-stop, but my wallet won't allow that. Though I did buy a precious bag of mikan - mandarin oranges - that I consumed at an alarming rate.

This is all very mundane, but nothing much of note happens when I don't have school.

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