Friday, June 6, 2008

"Go then - there are other worlds than these."

Strange that for all I do nothing more than walk and bike, lately I worry a good deal about travel. What if I can never figure out the train system, and spend my entire time in Japan in Yaita, without seeing the beauty of Nara or the excitement of Tokyo?

The price of gasoline makes me worry about a future where we don't have any, and the nation becomes a graveyard of cars that can't go anywhere. I don't care for driving vehicles nor being a passenger, but hypocritically I love the option to go other places.

The closing of airlines makes me worry that we won't be able to visit other countries soon. My family members who want to come visit won't be able to find a single flight over. And I, whenifwhen my visa expires, won't be able to board a plane homeward.

"You have to leave now," Immigration will tell me.

"I can't," I'll say, "There are no planes anymore."

"Too bad," they'll say. "Because you have to leave."

And they'll put me in a large bowl and push me off the coast, to float vaguely around the Pacific Ocean.

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woody said...

No---the economy just has recessions every ten years, the pain is just in the short term---like how all my Boeing stock is down and how people have less disposable income. I have tons of frequent flier miles you can use if i never use them.