Thursday, August 7, 2008

"My heart is drawing a dream / flying far away, passing through time."

On Friday I met mama at Narita airport, and we went together to a hotel in Shinagawa. We spent five days in the Tokyo area, and got a lot of pictures which I'll divide into a few posts for easier viewing.

The hotel was nice, though we were quite disappointed that despite two swimming pools there was never an open one, and by a shuttle from the station that sometimes didn't come. The best part, though, was the garden which had lots of bendy trees and a pond with beautiful koi:

They were somehow trained to all swim in a perfect line:

We also saw the most incredible little creature, apparently a blue-tailed skink:

Not to mention the dragons:

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Grouchy said...

Wow, I was going to call your mom about a land question and am surprised to see she's there! With the library moving and health stuff for her, and your new job and location, you guys reeaaaly deserve a vacation. I hope you get to see new cool stuff you couldn't get to during the school year. I've seen a skink like that at the pet store - I hope it was a captive bred one, I don't think they should be taken out of their natural habitat. Grandpa just had a test in the hospital to look at the back of his heart yesterday (they were looking for reasons for the stroke)and things looked good. They sent a camera down his throat and could actually see the back of his heart. The technology is really cool. The pictures are really beautiful (the ones you took, not the ones of his heart valves), I look forward to the rest of them. You guys have fun! Deanne