Friday, January 30, 2009

"I've been on fire and yet I've still stayed frozen."

Last weekend I went to an onsen for the first time with coworker A., her aunt, and her aunt's Japanese friend.

We've also been invited to go tomorrow. Maybe after that I'll be refreshed enough to actually write about it.


Anonymous said...

emmyy, it is 7:20p.m. friday, jan. 30th and I was there at 6:00 to be with you, because mommy went shopping to costco to get stuff for her opening tomorrow. I was so blown away by your onsen experience and the pictures were truly desirable love your father

Anonymous said...

I am at veteran's working chaplaincy and I have the good fortune of having a supervisor who was born in Kyoto and is going back there in march. also a fellow chaplain was teaching english in japan and married a japanese woman and has two children. I am also reading a book on sagiao the last samauri. love again your father.