Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Someday, someone will walk this road."

A little late for V-Day, but here's a fascinating article about a group of people rebelling against the "idea that you only have value if you’re half of a couple." I love that Japan can even have social events for the anti-social:

There was a poor-talkers’ zone for people who do not like to speak to or be spoken to by strangers, and another area where revellers could play computer games on their own. Several party-goers took advantage of the large paper bags with eye holes handed out at the door for those who felt uncomfortable showing their faces.

A little creepy, a little sweet. Much like the original holiday.

Well, yesterday I had an amusing story to post about the Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa doing a press conference apparently drunk off cold medicine. Overnight, however, it blew into a huge scandal where a long history of drunken incidents was revealed and today he resigned, so it's not as funny anymore.

Though I was an Obama fan all the way, it's oddly nice to see Clinton visiting Japan, being a familiar face on TV. "Oh, hey, Hillary! Whaddya think of Meiji Shrine? Be sure to check out Takeshita Street while you're in the area!"

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woody said...

Hi Emily, just wanted to say Hi and wish you well---hope things are going easy for you and not giving you a hard time----I bet asians love hilary--she's so small and influential. Alright, take car----wood