Sunday, March 8, 2009

"I can hear your voice through the smallest crack."

A bit disturbing but fascinating, are the "Living Mummies" or sokushinbutsu (即身仏)- Buddhist monks who voluntarily ate nothing for years except nuts and bark before drinking poison and entering a tiny sealed room to meditate until death. Less than 24 successfully left behind a preserved body. I have heaps of respect for someone with that much self-control. Not for the faint of heart, more information and pictures here and here.

Song of the Day: This time the notable point is not the song itself, but rather the video. "Karada no V" by the ARROWS is a good song, but the dance featured in the MV is something amazing. "Frog in a Well" by Okayama University Modern Dance Club is based on the saying, 井の中の大海を知らず. The frog in a well knows nothing of the large ocean.

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woody said...

People from India have something similar, where, when they feel like they are to old and want to die, or, just want to die, they starve themselves to death...which is highly regarded by the Brahmin as a very spiritual way to go. Hope you're doing OK. --wood