Tuesday, March 3, 2009

re: the weather conditions this week, esp. regarding the attempt to bike to and from work therein.

You ask me how I know,

I no longer love snow.

Oh, I at once reply,

"When it makes me cry? Not my piece of pie."

You say it's soft and bright,

Innocent and white.

Oh, when I realize

that's a pack of lies,

Snow gets in my eyes.

Lips are chapped and eyes are watering -

I think I can't move my glove.

When it slants, it even soaks my pants,

Freezing from up above.

Now I am not a fan

Of building a snowman.

Oh, when the heck is spring?

I can't see a thing.

Snow gets in my eyes.

In other words, we may not have had a White Christmas, but we are having a White Girl's Day, and we may just have a White White Day.


Beeniac said...

Hey Em,
I should have brought your snow boots in August. I hope your spring comes soon.

woody said...

Hi Emily,
thanks for the brother charm---I attached it to my backpack. It snowed again last night her in washington---kinda brings me down sometimes as well. Anyways, thanks again & take care. ----wood