Monday, April 27, 2009

"A woman in love is always a heroine."

I know it's legalese but I'm highly amused by this:

An instructor is required to resign if he falls under the following cases:

(a) He dies.

I want to meet the employee who falls under that case and refuses to resign. Just keeps coming into work.

"Help, we're being attacked by a zombie!"

"No, that's just the ALT..."


Cat's-eye view of the Japanese national anthem:

Not going to argue with that, but I don't think it's in the nature of any national anthem to be particularly beautiful. America's is overwrought, and the rest are militaristic or sound like classical-wannabes.


Obviously every ancient capital with awe-inspiring architecture and artwork on every corner needs a cutesy mascot to be complete. Which is why since last February, Nara has Sento-kun, a monk-baby sprouting deer antlers. Unfortunately he hasn't been as popular as his creators would hope, and there have been numerous proposed alternatives.

This inspired an online game where you can play Sento-kun on a mission to defeat his primary rival, destroying all in his path. In the attempt to make the poor little guy more popular, the city's PR will stop at nothing - they made a female counterpart and had a conference to publicly display her declaration of love for Sento-kun and to hand over a love letter - printed on a large poster board. He nodded his large head bashfully in a way that presumably meant he returned her feelings.


I love when they get sentimental over old Japanese songs on TV here. Now they're showing many covers of "Silhouette Romance." Even the hard-hearted hosts of "Hey!Hey!Hey!" - popular comedy duo Downtown - are swaying and mouthing the words.

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