Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"How did I climb out of a life so boring into that moment?"

Today is Children's Day, in honor of which they fly these koi-shaped wind-catchers. They've been showing some of the more impressive ones on TV, huge singles or long strings of them.


I went to Tokyo for a couple of days. It was primarily a shopping trip, so I didn't get many pictures - I am fundamentally incapable of combining multiple goals. If I go on a sightseeing trip, I can't get distract by shopping or I'll get so overwhelmed I can't do either. This time was the opposite, but I did get a couple shots in passing.

The first day was spent hunting down cheap clothing shops around Harajuku. Because it was Greenery Day, I let myself be pushed by the crowd on the path to Meiji Shrine, one of the greenest places on Earth:

There was an ikebana display, and a shamisen concert.


The next day I hunted down all the used bookstores in Shibuya. I got a picture of Hachiko from the front this time:

And I dared the famous Shibuya criss-cross-walk:

I did a lot of walking, so my legs and feet hurt quite a bit. They should be healed up in a few days for Disneyland.

I also attended a concert, which I think needs its own post.

And then I have a love story to tell you ♥

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