Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Wake up in the morning, stumble on my life"

Though I can't show you pictures or videos of my own sports day, here is an impressive time-lapse video of another teacher's, in a beautiful location:


The group Arashi, always keen for a challenge, made a video with some comedians of a "bakakkoii" (stupid-cool) family. I'd probably be more impressed if I hadn't seen the making-of, and didn't know exactly how many attempts it took them to get it right:


A Japanese comedy game, where the challenge is to remain silent in a library location while enduring all sorts of inhumane punishment games. One of the contestants is famous for his braying laugh, so you can imagine how unsuccessful this is. Also, I would think the fact that a comedy show is being filmed - and all the associated roughhousing - would put me off studying as much as talking in the library:


Though summer is ending, it was the season of festivals, and festivals mean, among other games, goldfish-scooping, which young people take very seriously. At least one of the fish in this competition, however, is far large than I've ever seen at the actual stands:

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don said...

I enjoy your writing and your sense of humor love your father.