Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Hours of fun with nothing more than a piece of paper!

I’ve seen a soccer version – each player has a goal with a small paper stand with a ball drawn on that they try to huff and puff to score. I’ve also seen the sumo version with two sturdier figures on a platform that is wobbly enough to vibrate when tapped, until one falls over. Here’s an elaborate stop-motion video of origami sumo wrestling:


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately. There were late hours for a couple months preparing for the speech contest, but I thought now that it’s over I would start to regain the energy to make interesting posts. And yet for some reason I still don’t have muc of a will to write or do anything really. Anyways, I’ve found some other interesting videos so I can string those for a big until I can find a spark, if there is such

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Raney said...

Hi Emily,
The Bymasters yard is spectacular, also considering they did it almost overnight December 1st. I especially like the red cardinals. Also the snowflake lights. It is freezing here, after rain and not-too cold.
Dad is arguing for a weekend trip for christmas tree. I wish you were here to enliven our family time.