Monday, February 1, 2010


After over a month without internet, and all the associated hassle of trying to get it repaired in a foreign country, I am now back online. At first I panicked a bit, as those of us raised connected to the web are inclined to do. How do I figure out a recipe or remedy if I can’t Google it? How could I plan my itinerary or check reservations? The answer is, the same way people did for centuries – wing it.

After the initial concerns, it was actually rather relaxing. I watched some interesting TV shows I hadn’t seen before, read all of the English books I’d brought but hadn’t gotten to yet, did some cooking. For the New Years I went to Tokyo which kept me busy, and on January eighth school started again – those for a few days in between I thought maybe I had forgotten how to talk. There was such a bubble of non-communication around me. And everytime I thought, “Oh, I can post about this on the blog!” I’d have to think… no, I can’t. Hopefully I’ll be able to remember some of the more interesting things to share now that I am able again.

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