Sunday, February 28, 2010

“the one who runs across the sea…”

Today is the Tokyo Marathon. While I don’t see the point of running unless it is away from something large and toothy, it looked a little fun at the opening. Thousands packed in tight, someone wearing a panda suit, others wearing clown wigs or bunny ears. But then the news cameras started focusing on the small group of serious runners in the lead, and that wasn’t so interesting.


Though I usually regret that I don’t live near the ocean, just now it’s a bit intimidating with a ominous flashing map on every single channel, warning the entire right coast of Japan about the tsunami coming from Chile. Poor Okinawa is entirely red. My prefecture, meanwhile, is safely far inland.

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DESS said...

Sometimes it is lucky to live far away from the sea..., but to visit and enjoy the beaches and the sea is something else..
Have a nice day....