Wednesday, June 2, 2010

“resign, resigning, resigned.”

The Prime Minister, Hatoyama, resigned today. This means I’ve seen four Prime Ministers in the little-over two years I’ve been in Japan. In comparison, I’ve only seen five Presidents in my entire life.

I think I said the last time the PM changed, I’ll give them props for knowing when they’re unpopular and withdrawing. On the other, I kind of think they’re wimps. You don’t see a President resigning when the wind changes – rather, they cling to every second of their reign even when the majority of the country despises them.

I have this policy that if you dig a hole in the middle of the path you shouldn’t just walk away and leave it for someone to fall into. You should make sure to fill it up first. But I suppose it’s hard to tell who is “filling the hole up” and who is “standing there idly flicking dirt clods in.”

Hatoyama got in a corner over the Okinawa base, which is a whole ‘nother can of worms that I might post about when I have more time – now I’ve got to run to my Japanese class. Ja ne.

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