Sunday, July 4, 2010

“Looking out my backdoor.”

I was biking around town the other day, with my hair in a ponytail, in T-shirt and jeans. It felt very nostalgic, biking on a summer’s day, like I was a kid again.

Which is actually kind of ridiculous. I never biked as a kid – I was too scared of the dogs on our street and also of being the spectacle of a fat girl on a small bike. And I certainly never biked in Japan during the rainy season, when the air is so thick it seeps into the back of your throat and smells like bamboo shoots, when the cicadas are deafening, where the streets are lined with stone walls and the cars are boxes.

Why are things nostalgic here that I could never actually experienced before? The music, the smells. Can it be an adjective that doesn’t reflect on anything?

Is the country itself one inclined to nostalgia, or would I have found things I recognized even if I went to Tanzania like with my friend B.?

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