Monday, April 18, 2011

“And that’s how we knew the bus was coming.”

This has nothing to do with Japan, and everything to do with all of my other interests.

I’m currently watching my way through the filmography of Jesse Eisenberg – yes, even the ones with zombies and werewolves and marijuana users. The following interview demonstrates all the self-effacing humor, endearing awkwardness, and sheer intelligence that is at the heart of why I adore him:


“Clearly I seem like a very relaxed person, but!”



And when he’s in a calmer atmosphere, he’s as sweet as anything:

“I started acting to be included in a group, because I felt excluded in school. I couldn’t care less what the outcome was, I just liked being in a group of people that didn’t kick my shins. But when I was acting in a play, I liked knowing my place, that I was this role, and other people were that role, and we could interact with each other in a way that was very clear to me. Even if I was not in a position that I liked being in, I at least knew that that was my position. And I learned to become comfortable with it.”


I mean really, who else would be concerned with how comfortable Mark Zuckerberg is feeling?

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