Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Strong like ox.

I’ve pictures I need to finish posting, and when I’m behind in that I avoid posting at all because it makes me feel guilty. But an un-updated blog is a thing of woe, so I’m going to tell you some silly little recent stories to tide us over until I get to the pictures.


I ate school lunch opposite S-kun today, and since a bunch of kids are out with the flu, there were a lot of extra milk cartons. S-kun took four in addition to his own – not that he needs it, at half my age he is already half a foot taller than me.

ME: I know that you have English next period, so if you’re drinking all that as an excuse to leave my class to go to the bathroom…

HIM: No! I am drinking it because milk makes my bones strong! (does muscle pose).

ME: Really? Because I’ll be keeping an eye on you, and if you try to run away…

HIM: I don’t run away! I have courage! (makes more poses and drinks the next carton through five straws at once.)

Half-way through the next period he beckons me over.

HIM: (whispers) Can I go to the bathroom?

ME: I TOLD you this was going to happen! Can’t you -

(He squirms pitifully and puts his hands between his legs.)

ME: Oh, fine – get out of here.

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