Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.

The problem is less a lack of storage space than the even distribution of it. What I really need it storage appropriate for food. I have twice as much hanging closet space as I did in America, but I don't have that many clothes. There's a huge shelf above the toilet that currently only has toilet paper on it, but I'm fairly sure storing my gigantic bag of rice that doesn't fit anywhere else in there would be a no-no on many levels. And of course there's the wide open space under my futon, but it's not terribly well suited for small items.

Lately Japanese news is full of a man who killed one person and wounded seven others at a mall in Ibaraki. I wonder if it would get this much attention in America. For a change of pace, right now they are making the world's largest okonomiyaki - a kind of savory pancake - 3 square meters. I wonder how it tastes.

Like I already said, it's a 45 minute walk to school, so I'm considering buying a bicycle. But that would mean one more thing I'd have to sell/get rid of when/if I go home next year. Also I hear bike theft is a problem in Japan, though I don't know if that pertains to a smaller city like this.

There's a bookstore across the street and a few minutes away, but for the sake of my wallet there are no crosswalks for fifteen minutes in either direction. There is nothing in that distance but cars - for sale and for repair. Also there isn't even a tiny English section, but I bought a young-ish manga that I can decipher with not too much difficulty.

Apparently there are no can openers in Japan - I walked all over the supermarket trying to find one to no avail. And I spent the longest time looking for cooking oil, before finally realizing it was in the salad-dressing section - I inspected a lot of bottles that turned out to contain mirin, the clear sweet rice wine that confusingly is the same color as canola. Also, for some reason, salt is not readily apparent, but then there is soy sauce aplenty.

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