Monday, March 24, 2008

if you are here just as you are

The rain here is interesting, it's no heavier than a sprinkle but it is constant. If it's raining in the morning it's pretty sure that it will be raining straight through all day.

Today another IC came to escort me to to get my gaijin card - thank goodness she did because I would never have been able to understand the forms by myself. That will take two weeks to process, and once I get it I can go to the post office to open a box. Post offices here are oddly important, my paycheck will be deposited there, and I can theoretically pay utilities at these little ATM-like terminals.

Barack Obama is on the television here a surprising amount. There's more about him than about Japanese politicians, and there's nothing about the other presidential candidates. He's even reached the dubious achievement of being impersonated - there's a show where people bring friends and family on that they think look like so-and-so, and someone brought this tiny dark-skinned kid up who was smiling widely. None of the hosts could guess and neither could I, and finally the katakana オバマ - o ba ma - flashed up on the screen.

I'll head to the store tomorrow because my current diet is woefully unbalanced - primarily curry. The carrots are delicious, good as home-grown - they only come two per bag but they're huge!



Charlotte said...

I miss you, dear heart, and I'm glad you're settling in ok. I read this blog every day and think of you and smile. Kisses!



woody said...

Hi Em, Anyways, I think of you lots--and pray that you work hard, and don't have too many difficulties. Those carrots must be genetically modified----a few years back Texas A&M developed a carrot that had all the school colors (maroon, and some others) and which also provided all the essential nutrients for life (my chemistry teacher told me this). Anyways, I'll be praying for you to not have troubles. In the meantime, study study study (but go to a tea shop---or actually, your memory will work best if you study in your classroom when your students are not there). love---wood

mabanagirl said...

It says I can't leave anonymous comments. Hmmm. Love your blogs. I look forward every day to reading them. Has taken me a while to figure this all out tho. Since I will never get there myself, I find your blogs fascinating. Sorry there is nothing fascinating to write about. Enjoy yourself and keep writing. WE LOVE YOU> GR and GR