Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's open that door with this key

Placement called and said I might be going to Nasushiobara-shi instead of Oshu-shi as was the original plan. Both sound like lovely areas, but the former has the advantage that I might not have to drive a car, which I wasn't looking forward to. Also, Nasushiobara-shi (what a mouthful!) is in Tochigi Prefecture in the Kanto region, which would be convenient if I try picking up a show or something on a weekend off. But I have my international driving permit and am prepared for every eventuality.

I exchanged dollars for yen today. They're such pretty bills. I've read that travelers to Japan tend to overspend because it looks like play-money. I'll have to take care to avoid that mentality. I love that the bills have pictures of authors instead of our dreary politicians - Fukuzawa Yukichi, Higuchi Ichiyo, Murasaki Shikibu, especially Natsume Soseki.

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Beeniac said...

Hi Em,
I watched you go through Security and it looked like you had no problems, right?
I watched until you went out of sight.
I'm sure going to miss you.
Love Mom