Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"But if life were made of Moments, then you'd never know you had one."

This whole week the 2nd years are working during the day at various locations around town for the experience, and so haven't been having classes. (Whenever a student comes back to the school when they're done, the teachers greet them with お帰りなさい, something "Welcome home." I think it's sweet.) To celebrate the successful completion of this rather complex undertaking, we're having another party on Friday. Yay!


The third years have been doing some interesting writing:

"This t-shirt is agreeable to the touch."

"I have just finished my homework. But my homework helper is Judy. Judy is a cunning sly crafty girl. She taught the art of studying to me. But I never get very far with it. I think she is nasty to me."

Such intrigue!


I bought "The Little Prince" in Japanese. It's the perfect combination of simple grammar and beautiful writing. Since I can't read adult-level books yet, and average children's books bore me, it's just what I need. And I know how it goes well enough to follow even when I don't know a kanji. Besides, it's really a book that deserves to be read in every language.

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