Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"I've never dreamed before / I'm gonna knock the door / Into the world of perfect free."

And now, the continuing series of "Odd Things My Students Write."

They had to answer questions like, "I can't live without ___" "I have never ____" and "if the world was going to end in 24 hours I would ____." One boy answered "Rice balls! Eat rice balls!" to everything, while one girl repeatedly gave the name of a popular male idol. I was very surprised how much some girls are focused on marriage - 15 years old! But I wasn't surprised at all how some of the boys focused on something else. And I'm not sure what to make of "If I could take a long vacation somewhere, it would be in the hospital."

Some of them had really good answers: "Someday I am going to write a novel." "If the world ended I would tell my feelings to my friend." (Aww!) "Someday I am going to be a person of ability." "Someday I am going to be a bird." "If the world was going to end in 24 hours I would live an ordinary life."


And then we learned "I have just/already" "Have you yet" and they had to write dialogues using it, which is one of the best and worst assignments to date. There was some truly epic scenes. One, by someone who has definitely watched too many dramas, was the touching story of a son and mother after the father has died of cancer (that no one knew he had). "I have just come to the hospital." "Your father has already died." "NOOOOO!"

Or the intrigue of two students fighting over whose homework Makoto will do first. The mystery was multiplied by this paper being written by one Makoto-kun - art imitating life, perhaps?

Personally I rolled on the floor over "My Mother! Have you just made a cake? It's delicious! Thank you, My Mother!" Even the Japanese-only teachers could get that one, as K-sensei performed a dramatic translation: "Arigatou gozaimasu, Okaasama!"

And then fun little things, like "Have you already done your homework? I will help you yesterday." Time travel! Or "I'm angree!" which means even more mad!


Hmm. I have already eaten dinner, but I am still hungree.

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