Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Ready, Steady, Never look back."

Sometimes the most simple answer is the correct one. I always overcomplicate matters.

It really is the rainy season here. It was really getting to me at the point when I scratched absent-mindedly at my elbow before noticing I was being feasted upon by the world's fattest mosquito-creature. And then one of the students decided to come in to take an oral test casually carrying one of the enormous stag beetles that it's such a fad to keep as pets here. At first I screamed a little, but then I felt more sorry for the poor thing which clung feebly to his fingers. The head teacher told us to go home early because they were concerned about the weather. Though I felt guilty at first I was nothing but grateful as the second I reached home the heavens opened and there was a solid sheet of water falling a foot outside my door. And thunder so loud it seems to shake the building.


Song of the Day: Te wo Tsunagou (手をつなごう) by ayaka (絢香). A clear, powerful voice for her age (two years younger than me!), her unique hairstyle and clothing choices are also rather striking. And being cute as a button doesn't hurt.

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