Saturday, August 9, 2008

"There are no dates in last year's calendar."

Sunday we passed through Akihabara and wandered around Jimbocho, known for being an area full of bookstores. The most interesting used ones are all in Japanese, but we also went to larger chains that had some English and beginner's books. We found a wonderful little tonkatsu restaurant, along the river and down a set of stairs, where they let you grind your own sesame seeds to mix in with the sauce.

Here's a sweet little shrine on the main road in front of the train station, tucked in between modern restaurants:

Mama testing out the dragon-fountain:

Later we also went searching for the famous Sengaku-ji, where 47 ronin or "masterless samurai" are buried. I'm... not sure that we found it, but this place, tucked into quiet twisting streets, is lovely even without the history:

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