Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Your linen robe will turn green."

On Monday we took an actual tour that skimmed over the usual suspects - Tokyo Tower:

The outside of the Imperial Palace:

Drive-by Ginza and Akihabara, and a little time in Asakusa. There we liked so much we came back the next day - there are far more sights than can be seen in one, hundreds of souvenir stalls, and the Senso-ji temple:

Here are the gods of thunder and wind:

Here is Mama under a giant sandal. We don't know either:

Here is Mama with a statue of a tanuki, or racoon-dog:

There is also a picture of me under this lantern, but because I am the one writing the blog and choosing the pictures it will remain hidden on my cellphone. Muwhahaha

Mama and I both had our fortunes told by omikuji, where for 100 yen you can shake a metal tube until a wooden stick slides out. There's a number on the stick, and you find the appropriate drawer out of hundreds. There's a slip of paper with either a good or bad fortune written on it - the latter you tie to a nearby rack and leave it behind when you go home. I got a bad one that said I "would think of bad things will drinking" so mama insisted I retry until I got a good one. Even then, we're not sure about the good points of my "linen robe turning green."


Grouchy said...

Could the green be symbolic of wealth? Health? Nausea? hmmm...

Beeniac said...

I do have to gloat over my fortune a bit.

"While riding on horseback in high
spirits, I will be admired by all."

Ah yes, head thrown back, laughing uproariously, as I canter along. That would be a sight.