Saturday, August 30, 2008

"The key to unlock your heart is some kind of Secret Code."

First day back at school was Wednesday, which means a nice relaxing three-day week. It was even more laid-back - for us ALTs, at least - because next Saturday is Sports Day. So at least half of classes have been canceled or rescheduled at a hint of good weather. This morning it was raining so we prepared for classes as normal, but when it suddenly turned to blue sky and fluffy clouds everyone changed into gymsuits and rushed outside. I think this type of activity puts everyone in high spirits. One teacher that I have never seen without a grimace on his face showed a creaky smile several times today. Another who never has time for warmups let me play hangman-minus-the-hangman with the kids, and even got in on the action himself. "_LEASE, I wonder what the word could be, I have no idea," he goes. The younger female teachers slather themselves with sunscreen while the older ones wear these adorable wide-brimmed floppy hats.

I'd been looking forward just to seeing Sports Day, but yesterday we were told to my delight and slight trepidation that we are to be participating. I'll be doing some sort of running thing as part of a team. Seeing how the kids are training - or rather, their entire school career is one big training - I'm feeling very apologetic to the other members, and hope their victory will not be too heavily damaged by my total unathleticism.

Thunder and Lightning storms are a special event in America, aren't they. Here they're much more common. Right now I'm listening to an incredible sound like a giant theater curtain being torn in half, and the flashes come extremely close so that you wonder how it has time to recharge.

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woody said...

We had a couple of stormy days last week too.