Friday, August 22, 2008

"You worry so much I hate to see you get on the train."

I do use a free image hosting site, I use photobucket and I don't know of anything free-er than that which still lets me organize them properly. If you can't see the pictures how about casting stones at your own computer first - posts with a lot of pictures might make it slow. I've already switched all of them over from another service at the first complaint, and I'm not about to do it again, especially when this method works for me and everyone else who can see my pictures.


So, we came back from Sendai yesterday. That was a place that will possibly live in my memory as my favorite. Not because of Sendai - though it's a nice enough city if you like shopping (which I don't - I turn into a zombie after two hours) or eating (which I only do on occasion.) I'll admit we ate some delicious food and bought some useful and/or cute items. But what makes me think back on it fondly is not the city itself, but rather something I did there. I went to a concert of my very favorite musical artists ever. I'm still in a little bit of a euphoric daze. They're a duo called Kinki Kids - now I know what you're thinking, but in Japan "Kinki" is a name for the western area, also known as Kansai. And they themselves admit that the "kid" part is a little odd as they get closer to their thirties. But a rose by any other name, right? And no matter what they're called that concert would have been the best of my life.

Here's my boys on a tv show - they're even better live:


Ah, the one touristy thing while in Sendai we did was a trip out to Matsushima Bay, where they had a big fireworks festival. There was also a ceremony called Toro Nagashi where they float lanterns on the water to guide spirits to another world. I was more interested in those than the fireworks, which I can see any July 4th, but unfortunately the crowd was so thick I was unable to get a clear picture.

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Grouchy said...

Is the first paragraph in response to my comment? I shoulda been more clear. I can see them fine, but you had posted something earlier that you had so many pics that you wouldn't be able to get to posting them till later, and I just thought maybe it was a hassle for you to post them, and was wondering if there is a way that makes it easier for you. I really enjoy seeing where you've been traveling to, and hoped it hasn't been a headache to share them.