Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"To hit, to be hit, to keep on living."

I ate a fig for the first time in my life yesterday! I suppose they must not grow in our area? The flavor is simple, clear, something like a pomegranate. But the texture is interesting, bristly like the inside of an artichoke, tipped in pink.

In a nod to the changing weather, vending machines have started stocking hot drinks again. I'm thrilled at getting my beloved royal milk tea once more.

In case you were wondering, here's a picture of that gyoza statue. In other "news about sacred landmarks being mistreated" here's one about a foreigner skinny-dipping in the moat around the Imperial Palace. Mom and I were there, but nothing so bizarre happened.

I don't want to speak too soon and jinx myself but I believe my ear infection is cleared up? After using just about every home remedy, I should hope so - you'll be glad to know I stopped short of pouring my own urine into my ear as one forum poster recommended. I did, however, try garlic and tea tree oil and the aforementioned xylitol - guess I'll never know which worked. As long as it does, ne?


I'm sure this is to everyone's shock, but I actually also listen to non-Asian music! I was telling my sister the other day that a band with a name like "Death Cab for Cutie" doesn't necessarily need to be death metal, so here's proof. There's nothing extraordinary about the voice or music or lyrics, which maybe makes it hurt more. Here's two very sweet, evocative songs:

"I will follow you into the dark"

(that music video is awesome too)

And "Brothers on a hotel bed"


Grouchy said...

Saw Deathcab last year in Seattle - one of my favorites.
Saw all of your family at the same time at g+g's anniversary party, and everyone looked great, but you were missed.

Raney said...

I guess I should have talked online. I am glad you mentioned me, so thought I should respond. I liked the music you picked. It was a young guy singing about December relationship, I guess he is empathizing with old people. I guess Mom told you about the leg-size zucchini. I'm glad you had figs, they are better than dates.

kuroro said...

once I ever heard about yadaijin and sadaijin
may be, you know what's that name?

Beeniac said...

I am half-way watching the movie, Pursuit of Happiness, with Will Smith and also looking at your blog. Somehow the music you chose and the movie being watched, meshed with one another and I understood how interconnected love and life and the pursuit of happiness are. Life and love are good. your dad. p.s. do you have pictures of you harvesting rice?