Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Cry, but not often. Love, but not too much."

I went to take the 4th level (which is the lowest) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test last Sunday. It was in a city about an hour south of here by train. I had to get up early to catch the 6:50, but the sky was pretty:

When I got to the town, it was pretty obvious where the test was - I just followed the groups of young foreigners. We filed into classrooms of a local university - there were high school students taking their entrance exams in other buildings. The hardest part of the test for me was my cold, and trying not to sniffle, sneeze or cough for several hours so as not to disturb the other takers - especially during the listening portion. I won't get the results until February, but I think it went well.

There was a nice river near the university:

And a strange building with turrets in the distance:

And a nice park on the way to the station. I can never pass by a good park:

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