Saturday, December 13, 2008

"The night will go on / my little windmill."

Apparently 64% of Japanese people think English is Cool! If only I weren't teaching the other 36%.

I might have posted one of these before, but bizarre zoo drills with people dressed up as animals never get old:

Rhinoceros - Dramatic music and planning for failure.

Ape - Tragic Death Scene and Amused Bystanders.

Bear - Manga Symbol for ANGER on its Forehead

This interactive version of an old logic puzzle is fun.

Every year a kanji is voted as representing the overall theme of the year. This year, doubtless inspired by Obama, is 変 - the character that means change.

In other "kids say the darnedest things" news, we're learning the relative clause, (someone) is the person who (somethings). First we did celebrities, and I was proud to make my own little quiz of Japanese culture trivia that they could actually answer. Then they wrote their own sentences about their classmates. The girls were pretty sweet:

"F-san is the girl who will become a celebrity."

"M-chan is the girl with big eyes."

"H-san is the girl who will be the President of America."

Not sure how that will work since she's Japanese.

The boys were, predictably, more unpredictable:

"M-kun is the boy who is past remedy."

"H-kun is the man who loves me."

"N-kun is the man who is maximumest in all the world."

In another class we had one say something they were thinking of, and the others guess:

"This is something you see when you sleep." (dream)


"Futon cover?"

"This is something you need to eat bread. (jam)



"Feeling of eating?"

I'll be attending two parties this coming week! One is for the adult English class we visited last month, and the other is for all the school's staff before winter break. Both should be good fun. It's nice to socialize with new adults sometimes, and seeing how hard the teachers work I'm glad they get some time to party just as hard.

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