Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"We never knew defeat in our hometown."

The end of the year party went well. More than half of the staff came, and some of us went  for karaoke afterwards. I find it curious how the men, coming straight after work, stay in their full suits even late in the evening. I would think after a few drinks they'd loosen their tie at least.

In a strange way, I feel like Christmas is already over. I did the English board, and that's as much decoration as I'll do. I did the party, and that's as much celebration as I'll do. We even had our special cake for school lunch yesterday. On the day itself it's just work as usual.

Yesterday A. and I went to the big city to find Christmas treats for all the teachers. We also indulged in purikura, the highly-decorated photo booth snapshots so popular among teenage girls here. We didn't quite realize how fast one has to move and freeze in a pose, so ours came out a bit awkward, but it is still a nice memory.

And on the way home we were caught under my first snowfall in Japan! A.'s first snowfall ever.


A Japanese sculptor's material of choice is... tape?

A fascinating look at the local dialect.

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