Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"A beautiful woman looking at her image in the mirror thinks the image is herself."

The other day I went for a movie and shopping at Bell Mall in Utsunomiya. One of the places I'm always sure to buy something at is Sun Boulangerie. This time they had a special treat on display that I couldn't resist:

The name was also adorable. The sign said, "Kameron," kame being turtle and meron for melon bread. I ate the head last so the eyes stared at me in chocolatey reproach the whole time.


The next thing I want to preface by saying I usually eat quite healthy, mother, so don't worry! But I had an insane craving for caramel the other day, and that called for a special treat. Though nama - raw - caramel has been the latest craze all over Japan, it's sickeningly expensive. So I made my own caramel and put it on green tea mochi.

I have yet to master getting the mochi to form real balls, as you can tell. This was a cup of mochi flour and two spoons of green tea powder mixed, with just enough water to dampen it. Microwaved for two minutes. The caramel is really just sugar - I suppose if I actually followed a recipe - or even been in possession of cream - I could have made it soft so that it would have meshed better with the mochi. But even crunchy as it was the flavors together were perfect.

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Beeniac said...

all I can say is what a beautiful woman you are, your father.