Saturday, February 13, 2010

"The team on the top of the mountain didn't just fall there."

Today the Olympics start! Though I don’t know sports, I’m fond of figure skating, and some of the Japanese representatives in particular.


Asada Mao-chan, who is as sweet and natural in interviews as she is graceful on the ice:


Takahashi Daisuke:


Andou Miki:

The announcer for the Winter Olympics is Sakurai Sho, of the musical group Arashi but also a fledging newscaster [I suspect this is a cunning ploy to interest young people in the news]. It gave me a strange feeling to see him, because he also announced for the Beijing Olympics. I can remember watching them the last time my mother was visiting, and if the Olympics come every two years (give or take a season) then I have been here long enough to see two Olympics, and therefore almost two years. Though I knew it logically by the calendar, it still strikes home at strange moments.


The Japanese team entered waving little paper Japanese flags like the one I got when I saw the emperor, some with one in one hand and a Canadian flag in the other. The Canadian and Japanese flags, I noticed, go together well.


桜井翔 浅田真央 安藤美姫 髙橋大輔 オリンピック

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