Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Courage, Chapter One (part d)

Silently Yamato entered the gymnasium where he’d found Kiichi, and his feet stopped abruptly. Kiichi was fishing through his bag, and eating the food inside.
“What are you doing?” Yamato grabbed him. “If you wanted some, you should have said something!”
All of the emotions that have been pressing down on Yamato’s chest burst out.
“We can divide anything I brought. We’re friends, right?”
He threw the heart-felt words at his altered friend, but Kiichi averted his eyes sulkily.
“Hit me. It’s fine, just hit me until you’re satisfied. Yamato... Do you think this is a hike or something? You’re way too easy-going. You were worried about me, you took the trouble to come here and I’m happy about that. But too bad, this is the kind of guy I am now. Everything has changed. I’m not the me from way back when.”
“You jerk!” Without thinking, Yamato hit him.
At that moment, a voice came from the entrance. “The two of you are really hot-heads.”
Yamato looked over his shoulder. Yuuri stood there, a cold smile on her lovely face.
“If you get angry about every single thing like that here, you’re going to be a wreck.”
Yamato gave her a fierce look, but she shot it straight back at him and kept talking.
“Here there is no such thing as sin, or evil. Whatever we do in order to live is forgivable. Theft, threats, it’s all good. Things like friendship and trust, if we’re going to stay alive here it’s more comfortable to throw them away.”
Having said this, she left. Watching her go, Yamato’s shoulders shook with his harsh breathing. Kiichi stayed where he’d fallen, and kept his eyes on the ground.
Is it the truth? echoed inside Yamato’s heart.
Is it the truth that here, both friendship and trust must be thrown away?



End of Chapter One.

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