Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“No more honey from this bee.”

I went to see the Space Battleship Yamato movie this weekend. While I didn’t grow up on the original cartoon the way many Japanese did, I have had a fair amount of vague exposure. I can, for instance, hum the theme song. And as the live-action preview has been playing before every movie I’ve seen the past few months, I was pretty exited to see it.

Thank you… Goodbye.

I hope it gets released in America as well – I want it to be big. I want it to be the next Star Wars (original trilogy) and Star Trek and every sci-fi show you’ve ever loved rolled into one. It deserves to be big – it is made of pure undiluted Epic. The cast is great, and the special effects are awesome.


Anonymous said...

no more honey from this bee. ..speaking of honey I am spinning out honey as we speak...here is my poem. when i am away I long to see you when I see you I do not know what to say.. don newman, you dad

brother newman said...

you are awesome. love your father. mommy and I are sitting together at computer on a cozy february day. love your father