Thursday, February 3, 2011

Or like giving a demon a big stick.

I love collecting Japanese idioms – you know the sort. At first you hear or read them and think, that’s ridiculous, but then you realize how exactly apt they are. How they plant the image in your mind even if you’ve never heard them before.


“He would fly away if you blew on him.” Someone inconsequential.

“He’s no ordinary mouse.” Appearances are deceiving, someone you shouldn’t let down your guard around.

“That’s like putting wings on a tiger.” Someone already powerful gains another advantage.

“He’s been following me around like poop trails after a goldfish.”

“You won’t get an eggplant from a squash vine.”


One extremely odd one is “hand comes out of throat” meaning you REALLY want something. Two hands are not enough to hold it all, so a third one is going to come out of your throat. I google-imaged it – I know, a dangerous habit – and came across a Japanese forum link to what was actually a public service post for anti-verbal abuse.

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