Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Courage, Chapter Four (part c)

Yamato desperately pounded on the gate.
“Open up! Someone’s injured!”
Kiichi lay unconscious on the road. A pool of blood spread around him...
“The bleeding won’t stop! Help him!”
It seemed the injury was reported to Shibazaki. From the speakers could be heard the same solemn voice as always.
“A medical unit will now enter. This is to help your injured friend. Uninvolved people, please continue about your usual routine. Please stay out of the way to avoid confusion. I repeat...”
Yamato breathed a sigh of relief. The gate swung open, and the medical unit entered riding in a jeep.
“Over here! The injured person is here!”
But Yamato’s voice was drowned out by a mob of children shouting angrily. It was the boys who Ryuu had mobilized, and they blocked the jeep’s path. At the head of the group, Ryuu opened his mouth.
“Hey, what’s the point of helping that jerk who’s going to die anyways?”
Takako spat, “Why save him? Save the rest of us!”
At that cue, the boys as one attacked. As they all shouted out their own complaints, they forced the jeep to retreat back to the gate. Ryuu’s four member group watched the scene, smiling unpleasantly.
“Get off the jeep! Be quiet! Get off!”
The guards started firing warning shots. But none of the children even flinched. It’d become a mass hysteria - as though possessed, the group began to gradually narrow the distance between them and the guards.
“Over here! The injured person is here!”
Yamato continued yelling. But his voice was no longer audible. Taking advantage of the confusion, some of the boys tried to slip outside, and the guards fired blindly before their feet.
“Wait! Wait, help him!” Yamato yelled desperately, in vain.
The jeep retreated, and disappeared on the other side of the gate.
Once again Yamato stood staring at the gate, rendered speechless.


kawaii_beela said...

thank you so much for translating this whole novel!! i love the drama version and i didnt even know there was a novel till i saw this blog:D thanks so much!! i look forward to the rest of the novel as well:D please keep up the great work! thank you ♥

Emily said...

Thanks for reading!