Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Courage, Chapter Four (part d)

At the same time, Mori was hiding. He definitely didn’t want Ryuu and his gang to catch him. they were scary - nothing but scary.
“Hiding’s no good.”
Mori turned, startled. It was Kaoru.
Mori’s body shook without thinking. But Kaoru looked the same as when they’d first met, the friendly eyes.
“Running away is no good. Once they’ve got their eyes on you, no matter how many times you run away they will find you and bully you.”
Kaoru’s face bore an expression of despair. Mori saw that his eyes were empty.
“Don’t look at me like that. You probably hate me. I want to let you get away, but it’s no good. If you run, they’ll just start bullying me again.”
Mori stood up as Kaoru approached him.
“Then run away with me.”
But at those words, Kaoru shook his head listlessly.
“I told you, there’s no point. Running away from those guys is definitely impossible!”
“That’s right.”
The two turned at the voice from nowhere, and fear flooded their eyes. In front of a large group stood Ryuu, smirking as he looked at the two boys.

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